We’ve compiled a list of the best recycling bins you can buy on Amazon. Each has its own benefits, and is useful in a number of different scenarios. Finding the right bin that’s appropriate for it’s indoor or outdoor environment is vital in keeping your recycling organized, and keeping animals out. If you want to promote good recycling habits in your home, office, or workplace, try out these products!

Caynel Pro Recycling Sensor Trash Can for Kitchen Waste

Caynel’s recycling trash can is a sleek and stylish recycling solution for inside your kitchen. If you hate the look and the smell your trash and recycling gives off, this is the product for you. It comes in silver and black, and has 3 compartments that can organize and store any of your kitchen waste. The compartments can be easily removed and can stand on their own, making it perfect for quick access when cooking and cleaning. 

What’s neat about this product is that it features a hand-sensor system. This means that there’s no need to get your hands dirty using this product. We recommend using Caynel’s Pro Recycling Trash Can in your kitchen for quick storage of all your waste. For the amount of storage and quality of the product, it’s definitely worth the money. Some users had issues with the sensor. Be sure to contact Caynel if you’re experiencing the same problem.

Recycling Rules Stackable Recycling Bins

Recycling Rules is a non-profit organization with a whole line of products. These bins can be used both indoors and outdoors. They’re a little smaller than most recycling bins, but it’s perfect for smaller homes, condos, or offices. Each bin has a small handle, and can be stacked on other bins. 

We chose this product because you can buy the containers in different packs. Some users have even bought extra containers because they make great storage units for things like freezers. Our experts recommend using this product for its intended purpose, but it is possible you can use this product for other means. 

Rubbermaid Deskside Recycling Container

These recycling containers are great for offices or small rooms that need quick access to recycling. Rubbermaid’s bins will work best indoors, since they do not have a storage lid. But they are sturdy enough to go outside. They’re great for smaller waste storage, and can potentially help offices trying to promote good habits like recycling. This product comes with 2 bins in each pack, and can be used for years to come! They’re also great if you want to start encouraging kids to recycle and clean.

Suncast 18 Gallon Hopper Bins

Suncast’s Hopper Bins are great if you want to better organize all your recycling. This product comes with 3 18 gallon bins. The bright colors allow for all users to easily distinguish between all the compartments. This product is perfect for environments with lots of users like small businesses, or homes with children learning how to recycle. 

These bins can be accessed while they’re stacked or can have the lids completely removed. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. For best use outdoors, be sure to add animal-proofing locks to the lids. For the price and size of this product, it holds the best value of other similar products on the market.

Rubbermaid Blue Brute Rollout Heavy-Duty Wheeled Recycling

Rubbermaid’s large bin is ideal for commercial use in small businesses and shared living spaces. However, if you have a larger family, this product could be a great waste storage solution. It’s ideal for outdoor use, but can easily be stored in a garage or shed. This bin can hold up to 50 gallons of waste. It’s designed with wheels and handles, making it easy for any user to move effortlessly. 

BONUS: Inwaysin Biodegradable Trash Bags

It’s understandable that you might want to use a trash bag to prevent mess. Try using a biodegradable solution, as some waste collectors won’t accept normal trash bags. These biodegradable trash bags hold between 13 to 15 gallons of waste. Each pack comes with 75 trash bags. This product is made from raw plant starch, which still makes it environmentally friendly. Many of the reviews on this product praise how durable and thick the bags are. 

Let us know what you think of our top Amazon picks. If you have any tips on how you promote good recycling habits, or tips on organization, let us know in the comment section!