Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I put light bulbs in with my glass recycling?2019-11-08T21:58:27+00:00

No, glass items like bottles and light bulbs should not be mixed. This is because light bulbs often contain mercury, and must be processed separately from glass to prevent contamination. 

Do I need to clean my bottles?2019-11-08T21:58:21+00:00

Short answer: Yes, you need to clean your bottles before recycling. Anything that has debris, especially food residue, should be cleaned off  so it doesn’t contaminate an entire batch of recycling. 


Pro tip: Don’t wait to rinse out pop cans or food containers otherwise it’s going to be harder to wash off the leftover grime. Get it done right away and you’ll thank yourself later. 

How does Right Way Recycling work?2019-11-08T21:47:40+00:00

Right Way Recycling connects homeowners, businesses, and anyone in need of recycling services with premier partners who specialize in just that – recycling! Simply request a callback or call now to get your recycling needs taken care of right away.

Whether you have common items ready to be recycled or would like to learn how to properly sort and separate your items, Right Way Recycling is here to help.

What do the plastic recycling symbols mean?2019-11-09T02:00:34+00:00

Most plastic bottles, jugs, and containers have a symbol on the bottom, a triangle with three arrows (think “cycle”). Within the arrows a number can be found. That number identifies the type of plastic, and in turn informs the recycling center how to separate and sort the plastic items.

Do you offer junk removal services?2019-11-08T21:48:05+00:00

If you need to have junk removed from your home or property, simply call 1.800.555.6789 to speak with one of our premier junk removal partners.

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